UK Crazy Dips Popping Candy

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Strawberry Lollipops with a Popping Candy Dip!

Fun & Deliciousness All-in-One!

Go retro with this fun strawberry-flavoured lollipop! Unlike the original Chupa Chups lollipops, these are lollipops that you can lick then dip into popping candies that will have your tastebuds jumping for joy!

Taste the strawberry goodness infused into each funny foot-shaped lollipop, then dip it into the strawberry-flavoured popping candies to turn old-fashioned lollipops into a whole new experience!

Chupa Chups are famous throughout Europe, and we can totally understand why. Get a taste of Chupa Chups and you'll never go back to regular old lollipops. The deliciousness lays within each individually wrapped lollipop, just waiting for you to enjoy!

Sweet Fact: Chupa Chups recognizable logo was designed by the late Salvador Dalí - one of the most notable artists of surrealistic art. He was a renowned artist who spent most of his life shocking the world with his striking and unusual paintings, sculptures, and fine art.

Chupa Chups Dips comes in another must-try craveable flavour..