Totally Awesome Dragon Gummies

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Our four-legged, fire-breathing creature friends are here to bring you delicious and soft & chewy gummies from a magical far-away land where sweet times live... Will you join these dragons on a mystical flavourful adventure? Discover 4 legendary dragons that each hold their own fruity flavours within this fiery yellow candy bag!

Add some fire-breathing fun to your day with four of your new dragon friends! ...

Strawberry Blaze - This red dragon is always on the hunt for the sweetest berries,  and makes the best strawberry candies.

Blue Raspberry Storm - A blue dragon that conquers through any thunderstorm with its powerful blue raspberry flavour!

Grape Viper - Hanging from grapevines to herd away any predators, this purple dragon likes to protect his grapes making his gummies super special.

Watermelon Astro - This green dragon loves to sleep on a bed of watermelons for camouflage when he needs to sleep... resulting in delicious melon gummies!